Fateful Encounterings

Back in the day when I first graduated from school, I worked at a place where this crazy lady had the same last name as one of my neighbors from college (BTW, the lady's crazy in a kick-ass way, because she did all sorts of stuff I would never think to do like jump out planes, fly a chopper, pack up a developed career and go fly planes. She might have been a German Chuck Norris in girl-form, and she made some great chili. I hear she's married now, you lucky lucky dude whoever you are). What are the chances of that right? It wasn't a strange last name and it took me several months for the brain synapse to occur to ask her if she had a younger brother in Charlottesville. Yup, her little bro was part of the group who spent many good weather days and bad weather days outside, in the courtyard of a special little house called MoHo. Oh and did I mention her best friend went to a small architecture school with me and we all went to the first post-college wedding together for another mutual friend? Craziness, I feel I should draw a web diagram somehow.

Psyche, I'm lazy but look at this cake instead.

Well my co-worker/her roommate and I lost touch once I left that job and a couple of days ago I came across this cake mentioned by C&C. Hmmm the photographer's name sounded mighty familiar and I was totally like is this the same Beaner and wow she is still with Tucker and OMG she's on the WEST COAST Now. YAY, once again, I'm encountering the same groups of people from like 10 years ago, thanks to Al Gore's invention of "The Interweb." I am thrilled to say Sabine's work is pretty awesome with all her outdoorsy/nature weddings shots and I'm slightly bummed she's so far from me now. If anyone is in the San Fran area getting hitched and doesn't like the forced posed looks of let's-hang-this-stuffy-photo-over-the-stuffy-fireplace-style shots, please check her out and tell her hey for me.

PS. she blogs here.

As I find all these connections in my life, I truly hope these are all signs that I was born to a be a corporate punk and Hand Pecked is meant to be =)

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