Origami Self Mailers

I am a fan of origami and thought that it would make a great self mailer (saves envelopes). It is a cute way to send a bright and colorful letter and it is very simple to make. The size of standard 12” x 12” craft sheets makes a 4”x4” square with just enough room for an address label and stamp.

Materials: 12"x 12" craft paper, bone folder, labels, stamps

Divide and fold the 12”x12” paper into nine 4”x4”squares. Then fold the diagonal lines into each squares as marked with the yellow dash lines. By using the bone folder to crease the lines, the paper will fold flatter and straighter giving us crisp edges.

Next we bring the middle of each side in, creating a pin-wheel shape. At this point is when I unfold the origami and write my message inside before I continue with the rest of the folding instructions.
We bring in each of the fin and tuck the last piece under the flap. Flip over then we have a smooth surface for a mailing label and stamp. Wax embossing, stickers or other kinds of embellishments can be added in the back to seal the origami mailer. For dressed up labels that coordinate with the color/pattern of the craft paper, I used a stamp. But I have also used printable labels found here, here, or here, or get them pre-mad from Container Store, Etsy, French General.
Happy letter writing! Let's keep this tradition and USPS alive!

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