Good Tear Jerker

As I age, I find myself tearing up more at weddings, movies, you name it. Really, the me from 10 years ago would kick the ass of me currently for being such a girlie pansie.

Still, I want to share one of the most haunting images I keep going back to instead of watching girlie movies. This is Teddy Roosevelt's diary entry the day his wife died. This man was pretty gay for his wife starting from the time he first met her. Yeah, one of the most kickass outdoorsy presidents totally believed in love at first sight. She had the guts to make him wait over six months before she said yes to his proposal. Uh, does the lady know this is the man who spoke softly and carried a big stick? How about he was shot during a speech and he kept speaking for 90 minutes because he figured it was only flesh wound? How about he hunted game in safari before that was "in?" Lastly, how about he fought and beat Cuba back in the day with just a handful of cowboy volunteers? He's like Arnold/Chuck Norris/Van Damme/McQueen/Eastwood characters all rolled up into one single being of awesomeness.

And when she died from childbirth complications, this diary entry and a short tribute, were the last time he ever mentioned her ever again, her name couldn't be mentioned in his presence, and he'd refer his daughter to his sister when lil Alice would ask about her mom.

Now that's some powerful shit.

I need a moment.


(more pages from the diary of a great awesome dude)

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