MacGirlver – Makeup

Yeah, yeah so at one point of my life I might have used some super pale makeup, thought Andy Deane was the dreamiest, and didn’t wear a lot of colors, (shut up). That lasted about one morose year. I still have some makeup from then that I found can be turned into awesome highlighter for cheeks or brows. Actually this comes in handy to extend the lives of leftover anything powder.

Take a couple of combinations of powder, stir up the powder and add just enough water so the paste can go back into a compact/container. Leave the compact open in aerated area to dry for a couple of days. Now you get a new color combination in a compact, ready to use.

Some of the combinations examples:

white power + shimmer = highlighter for cheeks, nose bridge, eyes
bronzer + blush = natural glow summer cheeks
shimmer + matte eye shadow = shimmery eyeshadow

ok, I think you get the idea.

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