Before Fierce was Awesome

Once upon a time at UVA there was a magical house of beautiful men and their hags. One of the hags got herself engaged during the last year and filled the house with bridal magazine that everyone ooo'ed and ahh'ed over. We had all assumed this was the last and only hetero wedding the house would ever see.

Her wedding was the first one I went to, not affiliated with any of my parent's friends. She and her husband got pregnant, got a dog, and a cute house. Soon after she made us all proud aunts and uncles with a beautiful boy who made us all feel "grown up" by knowing we're one generation up from somebody. While most of us are still living the single life, she filled us with updates on Halloween, Disney, and family photos her gay brother in law made her take. So instead of living vicariously through her, we got to live our maternal instinct through her and her little cute family.

She's done it again, another little strawberry blonde baby boy born May 12. Congrats guys, you rock with your pretty little strawberry blonde giant babies who will be taller than me by the time they're 5.

Man my ovaries hurt when I stare at this picture too long.

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