insane amount of feeties

one way this cancer gets my fill of maternal instinct is making baby annoucements, and collecting critters.

Back to the followup on the previous project. I love little feet and this project allowed me to get my fixin on baby feeties…
arg, cuteness overload, can't stand it...or can i?
The best thing about handmade stationary is that people can have variety. Why stick with one kind of announcement when you can send out a couple of versions to different people. GlamMa D went with a couple from option 2 and a couple from option 3.

For option 2, I included organza ribbon, green nobby paper, and vellum with simple calligraphy. For option 3, I created the patterned paper with a large feet stamp and added a funky handwritten font to capture the whimsicalness of the MASS AMOUNT OF FEETIES!

I am huge into the presentation of the final product, as a leave behind for the client too. I have used everything as a bucket, a memory box to pack and deliver the various stationary I’ve done. With this one, I came across this nice tutorial on making giftbags out of envelopes.

I tied the bags together with some color coordinating ribbon. Then onto the awesome cleanup, featuring my handy, prostitute loving sham wow. //be sure to find the follow up sfor some sick bloody details// I use just a tad of shampoo and a toothcrush to scrub all the ink and muck off all the stamps, brushes and calligraphy pens clean.

the end

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