MacGirlver — Desk

I have various pieces of furniture all in varying wood stains. I have to say, unless all the woodstains match, I am NOT a natural wood person. So I’ve decided while I have the paints and rollers out, I will paint the furniture as I’m waiting for the trim paint to dry in the former family room.

Here the desk originally. It’s a cinnamon stained solid piece from Ikea back in the 90s.

Here it is drying… I think having various pieces but all white will have something that has the potential to look like pieces from Anthropology.

Yes, I’m incredibly messy painter and have to really lay down layer and layers of stuff to prevent the carpet from ending up like a Jackson Pollack painting. I should have worn a showercap while painting the underside of the desk though…

Never fear, this McGirlver used some pantiliner (new ones, you sickos) soaked in nail polish remover to wipe my head clean. Now the greys left are all natural. Change out of paint-stained clothes, throw on the ol Misfits sweatshirt and cute jeans, good to go.

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