So I'm pondering whether to get a silk screen kit since Urban Outfitters has the Speedball kit, which runs about $64 . Not that I want to make t-shirts like every frat boy, I wanted to use them on some custom stationary. I know I will never be able to compete with the Letter Press invitations and at more than $3000+ for an actual machine, I don’t think I will be getting one anytime soon.

Then I found out there’s a cute little machine fromm Japan called Print Gocco by Riso. It looks so cute and easy, except that will run me about $100+ with machine and accessories all originating in Japan. So each time I need to buy a need screen, it’ll be shipped from Japan.

While I was hunting around on EBay, I came across EZScreenPrint. After watching their how to videos and seeing some of the gorgeous pieces made by their customers. I think I will be giving this a try. Still, I’d like any input from crafty folks at what their experience with silk screen, Gocco, etc printing on paper is?

Check out this baby sling. It’s sooo beautiful. Does anyone have a pattern for a baby sling and want to test out a couple of these with me? I think this would look quite beautiful combined with Tori's Plant Torture Technique.

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