Class C

Uh so I work for a pretty big architecture firm right? Check out this sweet nasty leak that's sprung in our studio. Yup, carpet = squishy. Sadly it's not my male coworkers who just threw back their elbows, jutted their groins forward, and went to town. I think I would have had more respect for them if they did.

Did I mention I love my corporate job? I have to say everyday I collect lessons on etiquette, and what to do when I have my own bid-ness, or when I rule the world. I spent a day in B-more yesterday (I love that city) and here are some pointers I have learned...

1) when someone makes you homemade eggnog bark, do not say you are on a diet
2) then eat the whole thing
3) and then ask me if I want the metal container thing back, because that's a christmas ornament shaped cookie cutter.

Yes, lots of Martha ideas went into that delicious, beautiful, utilitarian treat. I know I have an odd sense of etiquette, but you might as well cut me with them christmas ornament cookie cutter than have me deal with that level of rudeness + idiocracy.

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  1. Corporate PUnks is taking off before our very eyes!

    Yessssss, consider you linked!


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