Christmas Fudge

I've been called Fudgie the Whale a couple of times, but none have been for my Christmas Fudge. Every other year, I make a batch of Christmas fudge. It just occurred to me today that seems to be an every other year tradition I’ve had since I’ve been in college.

I love making fudge because it is sooooo easy. Pretty much I just heat up butter, powdered sugar, mix the hell out of it with unsweetened cocoa and whatever flavouring I’m in the mood for. This year, I’ve made peppermint, peanut butter, and toffee flavours. The best-est compliment I've gotten is from my own brother, a health conscience freak aka tri-athlete, who’s asked whether I can pay him in fudge for helping me paint my studio. He hasn’t stopped eating the fudge stash chilling in the fridge.

Last year I had gotten a great deal on a box of Christmas cookie cutters have been waiting ALL 2008 for the moment I can break them out. I had thought I’d tie them onto presents as a special utilitarian decoration but I think I’ve hit gold by using them as molds for fudge, peppermint bark, and eggnog bark this year. It has been a hit so far since people love a present they can eat and use for future occasions.

I secretly hope that some of the parents I give these to put these cookie cutters to good work by spending some good baking time with their younguns.

I also lucked out this year finding retro tins to package these bad boys of buttery sugar chocolate goodness. There is something magically awesome about a kitchen that smells like peanut butter + chocolate.

The End.
(P.S. I think I found my Halloween costume for next year!)

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