Baby Steps!

So after the increasing the guilt I felt about meat and being inspired by Nie, I’ve slowly but have not made it into my almost third week without meat. I can’t even believe it’s been three weeks! I have to say I’m not as temped as I thought I would be, considering I usually crave for bacon and steak especially around that time of the month. My bacon craving is now easily subsided by imitation bacon. Other than that, I don’t have any craving for imitation meat. I’m mainly just sticking with vegetables, eggs, fish, and lots of tofu, which I loved anyways. Now I don’t think about my chickens, ducks, nor Norman the mini cow from Reston Zoo at night! Yes, this Asian is not going to be able to stomach the full bird displays at the Asian groceries.

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  1. That is amazing...I don't know how you are giving up pig flavored ribbon candy but I am so PROUD! I need to do that too but I may be disowned! Miss You...I am glad to see you are blogging. Merry Merry Holiday...that is so PC ;)


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